Market Insights

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How Market Insights drove more business for Southern Charm Retreats... 

“It’s super valuable being able to see where the most bookings are coming from across the board, whether it's direct bookings, Airbnb, Vrbo, any of the other small sites. This lets us understand which channels we should be focusing on from a marketing perspective to drive more business.”


Market Insights is more than just super hyper-local data for your portfolio

It's the most powerful tool for property and revenue managers that saves you time and makes you more money (9% more to be exact 🚀)*


Market Health Score

Track overall occupancy performance relative to neighborhood occupancy.


Bookings by Channel

Drill down and identify which channels generate the most bookings to focus most marketing spend.


Weekly Booking Activity

Review weekly booking frequency to evaluate short-term occupancy trends.


Adjusted Occupancy

See the number of nights booked without owner, maintenance, or non-reservation blocks.


Length of Stay

Deep-dive duration of stays in a market to strategically set minimum stay rules.



Track unavailable nights/days in a market and grasp occupancy performance.


Booking Lead Time

View the average amount of time between when a booking occurs and check-in day.


Median Revenue Per Listing

See median posted revenue by individual listings to get an idea of revenue potential.


Average Posted Rate

Realize the average base rate advertised for a similar-sized listing in a market to effectively set channel base prices.



See the top 10 amenities to know what to invest in or to differentiate your listings.


Cancellation policies

Review what policy is the most popular and can help your listings stand out in the market.



Access total revenue earned per available night for similar-sized listings.

* Early adopters of Beyond’s Pro package see 9% higher Revenue Per Available Night (RevPAN)


Experience the power of Market Insights

  • Amenities ▶️

  • Bookings By Channel ▶️

  • Length of Stay ▶️


Find out the most common and least common amenities in your market!


Find out which booking channels guests use to book their stays in your short-term rental market!


Find out how many days guests typically stay for in your market!

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3 Templates to Delight Owners Powered by Market Insights

When you try Market Insights, you'll find how easy it is to access reports and data for entire markets or as niche as a single listing! These templates make it easy to create reports that owners want, before they ask for them, all by using Market Insights. Submit the form to download the templates and try out Market Insights today!


We've got answers...

What is Market Insights?

Market Insights are the key to being confident and gaining robust knowledge about the approach to take when managing your vacation rentals. This solution set allows you to uncover real-time market dynamics, analyze guest booking patterns/trends, and access trusted data to help steer informed vacation rental management, investment, and pricing decisions.

What's included in Market Insights?

Market Insights will surface everything you need to know about any market worldwide in an easy-to-use-dashboard. We have identified 14 key indicators of performance and market health, meaning that you get exactly the information you need to make the best decisions for your best.

Is Market Insights right for me?

Are you looking for a better, simpler way to stay on top of the ever-changing trends & conditions specific to your market? Do you want your revenue management strategy to be more effective & lead to more bookings? Then Market Insights is for you! By leveraging these industry-leading market analytics, you can expand your market intelligence and drive success.

How can Market Insights help me increase bookings & revenue?

Vacation rental trends are always changing, and navigating them can be a challenge. As markets grow rapidly, it’s become essential to understand market-specific nightly prices, effective advertising channels, standout amenities, the most promising investment opportunities, and more. With Market Insights, you can gain a competitive advantage and thrive in your ever-evolving vacation rental market.