Short-Term Rentals and New Era of Online Distribution with Skift & Beyond Pricing

Learn how to make sure your property will be in the best position to maximize its overall revenue potential.


For STR managers and owners, building and optimizing a profitable distribution strategy for your portfolio/listing is key to success.

Many STR managers and owners have mixed feelings about using vacation rental websites, OTAs, and marketing agencies, mostly due to their concerns about branding, rising commissions, and a growing fear of becoming too dependent on them for revenue.

That said, by learning how to leverage these channels with proper strategic distribution, your property will be in a much better position to maximize its overall revenue potential.

In this fireside chat with Skift & Julie Brinkman, Chief Executive Officer from Beyond Pricing, we will talk about:

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Distribution strategy for STR managers and owners to get, grow and keep revenue
  • What worked in 2020, what to look for in 2021
  • The importance of investing in Direct Booking for sustainable growth

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