New Era of Online Distribution for Short-Term Rentals


For short-term rental managers and owners, creating the perfect blend of exposure for your portfolio without the extra admin work is key to success. But there’s a lot of booking websites out there. How do you know what’s best for your properties?

Many managers or owners have mixed feelings about using vacation rental websites, online travel agencies, and marketing agencies, mostly due to their concerns about rising commissions, branding, and a growing fear of becoming too dependent on them for revenue.

Join Ian, Beyond’s Senior Product Manager and Lynn, Software Project Manager, where they’ll teach you how to maintain your presence on third-party booking websites and protect your revenue with your own personal direct booking engine, Signal.

In this webinar, we will talk about:

  • The top priorities for property managers in 2021
  • How direct booking can protect your business and elevate your brand
  • Steps you can take now to measure your current strategy

No worries if you aren't available at this time. You can register today and receive the recording directly to your email after the webinar has finished. 

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